Our Rental Policies
Thank you for considering Thompson Management as a resident and the possibilities to manage your properties if you're a rental owner.

Good tenant relations begin before the tenant moves in, and before signing the lease. When we, at Thompson Management, establish fair and reasonable policies, we then develop a great relationship preventing many tenant / management relationship problems seen with other management companies and landlords.

Our policies are pre-thought-out answers to anticipated problems. Our policies establish fair and reasonable guidelines, providing clarity for those who rent from us and ensure high levels of office efficiency, thus keeping management and tenant problems to a minimum. This also allows residents to anticipate all the key questions our policies should answer.

Without the lease and policies, management would have to make decisions on a one-by-one basis. This would not only lead to chaos, but also would produce inconsistent results.

Our policies are guidelines, not straitjackets. Our policies create commitment, accountability, responsibility, integrity and self-respect between management, owners, and our residents. This is why we show our rentals in person, and not just the run of the mill, apply-on-line process and hope you stick. Policies need to be explained by one of our "licensed" professionals. Clarity to policy can not be achieved by filling in the blanks on an application alone, we explain those policies when we show the properties we manage. If you can not  live by those policies, policies our current residents demand for their quality of life. Its best to keep looking for housing from a different landlord.


Consider Thompson Management, have us explain our management systems. Systems that create great standards and relationships. We, at Thompson Management, value our relationships with all those we involve ourselves with, and those relationships will always be based on standards, policies and system processes. When followed by all parties,  it creates that commitment, accountability, responsibility, integrity and self-respect with those seeking to develop a relationship with us. Because it's standards and policy that create and attracts relationships.

"The greatest compliments we receive, is when our competition copies our management systems and policies"
Our Standards, Policies and Systems Established Since 1982

Thompson Management does business in accordance's with the Federal Fair Housing Act.   
We are committed to equal housing opportunity. We do not discriminate against any one on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin or source of income.

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